NeedWood specialise in forestry investment management. We focus on growing trees and plantations with a higher demand for crop or timber which would minimise the need to cut down natural forestry. The profitable partnership we offer you is both competitive and eco-friendly.
The Company
The company having acquired a wealth of knowledge in managing Sri Lanka's single largest Organic Tea plantation is now widening its product portfolio by cultivating commercial Teak plantations in the Thanamalwila, Embilipitiya and ......
TEAK - The Product
Teak naturally grows in groups among other tropical species. It is a very hard, heavy, strong wood, distinctively, oily to the touch. This oil in the wood makes teak very durable. It is a "natural preservative" marking all applied treatments totally unnecessary. It is resistant to insects, fungus..........
About Teak
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Vital Statistics

Height 40 feet to 60 feet.Trunk diameters of 3 feet to 5 feet.Grown from roots or seeds.Distribution; Burma, Southern India, Thailand, Java, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the East Indies, and a very small quantity in Sri Lanka. Numerous plantations have recently been developed within this natural range and also in tropical areas of Latin America and Africa. Because it can be harvested is in as little as 15-20 years it is an ideal plantation species. As the reserves are rapidly dwindling commercial planations are bound to give very high returns in years to come.....

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